Woah, that year flew by. 

From the moment we landed back in the U.S. from our honeymoon, we've been going non-stop. Coding classes, writing, moving, and lots of travel kept us from really documenting any of our wedding festivity memories. Now that we're finally settled down, and eerily no trips on the horizon, I can finally sit back and try to remember the details - from the vendors to the friends who supported our wild ideas. We have such an incredible journey, I'd be heartbroken if our memories started to fade without having any sort of documentation. 

Cute Buttons in Cary made our idea for custom RSVPs a reality.

Cute Buttons in Cary made our idea for custom RSVPs a reality.

So, I figure I could start with posting a little snippet of our story! We had family members coming to the wedding who had never met the bride or groom respectively, so we figured we should give them an introduction ahead of the events. Here's something we posted on our knot.com site: 

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing..." - Helen Keller

Under the flickering florescent lights of a Boston office complex, Elizabeth was moved. It might have been the thai food she had for lunch, but nevertheless she became restless. She suddenly and inexplicably yearned for the sweet Carolina air, tall pines, and a back deck on which to strum her guitar. Without delay, she packed her books into a uHaul, hitched up her jeep and pointed her and Sir Dexter Augustus straight down I-95. 

Two weeks later, Elizabeth met Ken. 

"In the immortal words of Taylor Swift: "And on a Wednesday in a cafe, I watched it begin again." Except we actually met in an Italian restaurant, which is arguably even better. For Elizabeth it was love at first sight. For Ken, it was love at first snort. They sat drinking wine by an outdoor fire and laughed so long and so hard that they didn't realize they were shutting the restaurant down.

Two days later, they found themselves strumming their guitars on Elizabeth's back porch. Instead of flickering florescent lights buzzing overhead, the dancing fireflies and endless country stars lit the sky. 

Over the last three years their lives have been filled with wild adventures, heated baseball feuds, so much song and even more laughter. They've supported each other in their art, they've met wonderful new friends, and somewhere along the way they became a little family. 

On September 4th, by a stroke of genius and not a little sadistic manipulation, Ken completely surprised Elizabeth when he proposed on the lawn of the Inn at the Biltmore Estates. There were fireworks. Literally fireworks. Elizabeth has a singed dress to prove it.

They're humbled that their friends and family would even consider celebrating with them as they embark on the next chapter of their story. Each person who is invited has been an example of love, patience and kindness to them. It's because of your goodness that they're able to recognize the goodness in each other, and that's worth raising a glass to."

As I mentioned, we used that website to manage our guest lists, RSVPs and honeyfunds. And since we had a destination wedding, it was a great resource for our guests to find local attractions and accommodation information. 


If we forgot any Thank You notes, or if we sat people next to people they despise, that's definitely no fault of theknot.com. I'm sure it's somehow Obama's fault. 

Our usual casual photo smiles.

Our usual casual photo smiles.

Lastly, the engagement pictures on theknot.com were taken by Blue Bend Photography - the single best vendor-turned-friend in the history of wedding photographers. If you knew just how camera shy we are, you'd realize what a miracle it is that we don't have Chandler Bing Photo Smile Face happening in every photo.. 

Next up, I'll write a little about the events that led up to the first out of four weddings!

Nick of Blue Bend Photography took our engagement photos on the grounds of the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC.

Nick of Blue Bend Photography took our engagement photos on the grounds of the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC.