I’ve been gone for a while successfully learning how to control time.

2018 has been full of moments where time sped up so fast, I could see the end of all of this.

And full of moments that have slowed so deliciously that I believed Earth could have stopped turning all together.

But I’ve found little secrets here and there to make them last if I want, speed them up when I don’t, and most importantly to not be afraid of it, because the truth is that time does not exist - at least not as we know it. At least not according to the clocks we set or the fear we have of it ending.

The most significant way I’ve learned to control time is through daily meditation, which I’ll write more about tomorrow.

Hey, speaking of time, time-traveling movies are my absolute favorite. Here are some of my top three that I can watch on repeat, especially during the holiday season:

The Time Traveler’s Wife

About Time

Midnight in Paris

I guess Rachel McAdams and I have the same taste in movies?