Haven’t been here in a while. Took a lot of time towards the end of the year to cut off ties to social media, the daily news, and other non-personal means of communication in favor of both finishing the novel and going deeper into defining what life means to me.

Part of this practice included daily meditation and tai chi. Had some great classes at Long Life Wellness in Cary.

Anyway, I’m no closer to finding answers, but I’m closer to knowing at least some of the questions I should be asking.

There’s no better time of the year than now to take stock and dive in a little deeper. I know that so many people set intentions and resolutions for the new year, but I’ve been so incredibly inspired by The Van Gogh Blues. It’s not just a book about depression, but also how to work through anxiety, creative block, day jobs, relationships and so much more.

I actually keep this book on my nightstand for reference when I feel the darkness pushing in, and the book reminds me to get to work in answering life’s harder questions. For example:

  • “How can I force life to have meaning?”

  • “How can I make life feel meaningful to me?”

  • “How can I justify my life?”

  • “What is the center of a creed I might live by?”

  • “On what operating principles can I base a meaningful life?”

  • “What is my truth?”

These questions, and so many other questions raised by The Van Gogh Blues are a little more difficult to navigate than resolving to go to the gym everyday keeping a daily intention in your head. But at the end of the day, it’s worth the work.

This book and these questions aren’t for everyone. It’s quite possible that you were created feeling incredibly satisfied with pure existence. Rather this book is for those, whether through nurture or nature, the creatives and the innovators, who believe that they are on the only ones who can define their own purpose, meaning and justification for their time spent on this earth.

Also, I really just wanted to stop this site by to share Ghost Forest is my latest music recommendation I have playing on repeat. Kind of creepy, kind of meditative, kind of brilliant.