On February 28th I started querying my book.

One month ago, I got my first rejection from a full read. This is what I looked like:

This is what a sad sack looks like.

This is what a sad sack looks like.

The agent who rejected me wasn’t right for me, and I knew it.

Still, that was the day I gave up writing.

I gave up writing good and hard.

I let go of every dream I’ve ever had for publication.

I bought all the double chocolate vegan ice cream, and I binged on Netflix and Irish whisky.

Me. One month ago. For one hour.

Me. One month ago. For one hour.

For one hour.

And then, looking like Augustus Gloop, I wiped my chocolate mouth and got back to my computer to send out more queries.

Last week I got my first offer for representation. Then more and more offers came in.

Today I accepted an offer from my top pick agent.

I have so much to say about this process, but for now I’ll say:

Give up.

Give up everything.

Let it all go.

All the dreams you’ve ever had.

Buy the double chocolate ice cream and watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch under the covers.

For one hour.

For two.

Or the whole day.

And then get that ass back to the computer and do the work that you were put here to do.

Because the only thing that separates you from what you want is getting back up again, and saying “no, Sabrina and double chocolate ice cream isn’t the way we’re going out.”

Actually, on second thought, Sabrina and Chocolate seems like the perfect way to go out…